According to evolution
Amoeba cells in the sea
Developed and changed
Two groups were born!
One of color green-
Plants, vegetation and their tribe!
The other one of color brown-
Humans and animals living on earth
Birds and worms all a part!
Both to the humans and animals
Love and valor, feelings and emotions
Are common and distinct!
Had the monkey-Bonobo-
Only fear as its trait
Would have gone extinct
Long, long back!
Innate strength it had
Innate fearlessness it had
It is still in the world!
In the manly chimpanzee
Feminine qualities are also found!
A bare fact!.
As the whale has tendency to kill
Dolphin has the compassion to protect!



Music of the sea
Sound of the wind
Melody of the water falls
Nature’s bounty
Though giant tremors
Sweet and enjoyable!
Temple bell, church bell
That strikes each second
Injects sweetness
Inspires faith!
When sounds
Thousand times a second
Sweetness is gone
Melody exits
Big sound remains
Blaring of hundreds
Of musical instruments
Pollutes the air;
Making of the instruments
In millions, cine songs
Need of the society today!
Sure to be kept under control!


Trees can live without men
Men cannot live without trees!
Man to realize the undying energy
That the trees bless us with!
Let us dream of
One year plan
Ten year plan
Hundred year plan
Of planting trees
Growing trees!
On the banks of Amazon
Lay the forest wealth
Rain water protected
Help the procreation
Keeps the free air
World’s stability maintained!
Home’s prosperity
Nation’s prosperity
Lies in the trees!
Lives in the trees!


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