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Media of all type played its role to make this world dynamic
Social media has achieved a lot with its limitless power
Far reaching capabilities and revolutionary nature
Social media has changed our great, vast society forever!.

A day to recognize, commemorate and celebrate the bridge
That foregoes political borders, transcends the boundaries
Of communication and interaction! Limitations gone obsolete
Making communication with all possible- Prime Minister and me!

Most popular social networking sites in India-WeChat
Instagram. Google Plus. Hike Messenger. Twitter. Skype.
LinkedIn. Whats app. Face book- one has to be careful sure
Lest to be taken for a ride by unsocial elements pure!

Image result for list of social media in india

ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 1,53,000  views.

I am glad to share with you that with the 56th  view at 05.30 hrs today viz Saturday  the Thirtieth (30th) June 2018 , total views of the BLOG  crossed  ONE LAKH  AND FIFTY THREE THOUSAND (1,53,000) from more than 210 countries  around the world on the 1218th day and 1271st post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue.

7 thoughts on “WORLD SOCIAL MEDIA DAY 30th June.

  1. Thanks ji for reminding us of this Social Media day. I would like to add one point here on social media. I do research in social media analytics with my team in LNMIIT Jaipur.

    We all know social media gives us a large network of friends. But if we closely watch we will be in touch with hardly 30 odd people on a regular day-to-day basis. We shall call them “close” friends. Now if we look at the remaining, which we will call as “weak” friends, are they redundant or not of much use? Answer is No! Close friends are close to you but if you want to be close to a bigger audience or reach out to a bigger audience you cannot do that with close friend, in fact you need “weak” friends – that’s what the studies show. So “weak” friends are not really weak!!


  2. Nice Afternoon Sir!
    Prime Minister and you…….
    me…. also in the channel of communication!
    Communication travels faster and faster….. The strength of Social media is very strong…. The news paper media is unable to compete with the other fast growing media.
    Everyone utilises this media to the maximum extent.
    You have nicely warned the ill effects of the Social media!
    Thanks Sir,


    G Vasu


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