YOUNG READERS DAY-November 12th.

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Reading indeed is a must for every one for a successful life.
Reading what, when, and how?- questions natural to be addressed by all!
Reading trashes never helps at any stage at any any time.
Reading what that builds up nobility and provides knowledge fine!

Today the twelfth of November is YOUNG READERS DAY- a day to cherish
To start practicing reading at young age! sure to be a nice habit!
Young Readers Day was co-founded in nineteen eighty nine by Pizza Hut
And the Center for the Book in the Library of Congress great move!

This blogger has a bad habit of reading nothing extra in life!
Upto college-study the books needed, while in office the manuals
And circulars to administer the office!!! None after retirement!
Only reading from age seven to seventy nine is THE HINDU-news paper!

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2 thoughts on “YOUNG READERS DAY-November 12th.

  1. It may not be out of place to applaud you for having set an example in showing the way to youngsters on the necessity of instilling reading habit early in life!

    And reading the right stuff is more important than reading for its own sake – which can only facilitate ushering in a society conscious of general good of the nation!

    It seems, the entire credit should go to the national newspaper THE HINDU, the sole reading of which was, and is, behind your creditable literary achievements, for you are not used to read anything other than THE HINDU!

    May the young ones embrace this habit for the benefit of one and all!


    1. So great of you to have appreciated my habit of reading THE HINDU right from seventh year-understanding or not till this day at79. Thanks Sivagnama.thanks.


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