HAVE A BAD BAD DAY-November 19th.

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Days are days-Good, Bad or Indifferent- proves to be different for
Different persons-though all wish others a great day or good day!
Wishing someone for a bad day is indeed funny and peculiar
Today November nineteenth is “HAVE A BAD BAD DAY” quite alien to us!

Have a Bad Day Day  created by Ruth and Thomas Roy to encourage people
To wish others to have a bad day. sales people always wish their customers
A nice day when they are finished with their sales pitch- a routine.
To surprise people and throw them off guard, wish them a bad day today.

It is a good chance to be impolite without somebody noticing it.
Whether we are looking for a change or want to be secretly impolite,
Today is the day to try it. Looks funny, yet not without a reason!
Funnier days are there to follow in due course-beware viewers!

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2 thoughts on “HAVE A BAD BAD DAY-November 19th.

  1. BAD BAD DAY – nice and enjoyed it!

    Bad days visit us periodically, and we need to put up with them, for what follows will be to our taste and liking!

    Accepting and nurturing as-it-is attitude may stamp out the ill-feeling, and it will all be over sooner or later!

    To tide over this situation, we can switch to alternative tasks that provide relief to the dullness prevailing a little earlier!

    Efficacy of whatever good is best understood, only when we confront a sad experience- a mixture of both will be liked!

    Never wish one ‘A Bad Day’, for we ourselves don’t like to be so wished!


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