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Though alive, one is dead sans knowledge, wisdom through literacy
Unfortunate large population remain illiterate-pity
Efforts on war footing need of the day to provide literacy
Especially in the most countries adopting democracy!

Today is International Literacy Day as declared
By UNESCO in nineteen hundred sixty five-to be observed
To tell all- of the fact that one in five adults not literate
Two thirds of illiterates are women- estimate moderate!

Future of the family and society is at stake if allowed
On this day very important, all responsible be advised
To provide literacy to all at any cost-Government
And individuals to take up efforts honest- permanent!


Image result for international literacy day celebrated on september 8 was proclaimed by


(1) When time permits please click the following links read my English translation of Thirukkural Chhapter 47 and place your scholarly view under the article itself for which a provision is there and that can be seen by all the readers. Thanks.

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4 thoughts on “INTERNATIONAL LITERACY DAY-8/9/16.

  1. I understand that English may not be your first language (At least, I really hope it isn’t) but… You really have no place talking of others inability to be literate…. I think you should have skipped National Literacy Day… Just sayin’… Because I can’t read 90% of your posts due to your spelling mistakes, word usage and placement, lack of grammar and punctuation in proper order…. Sometimes it’s as if you just string words together because they sound like they might go together but in actuality… They really don’t…


    1. Thanks a million my dear unknown friend; I really appreciate your sentiments. But language is one that is really flexible for prose and verse. I normally say that any writing in any language depends on the individual writer. Even Shakespeare’s writing can be improved upon or can be changed.More important is what is communicated than how it is communicated! The purpose of this day is only to highlight that a society must be well informed and responsible. Towards that end is providing education and making the people all over the world literate. THAT SIMPLE IS THE ISSUE. anyhow I am grateful to you and no further discussion I expect on this aspect. That the viewership of ENVIUS THOUGHTS is crossing 58000 from 199 countries -just on its 600th post in 565 days- in another couple of days is heartwarming. Thanks.


      1. That there in lies the issue though… I’m not just making mention of how you out words together but also your spelling and the comprehensive capabilities of that which you write. It is obvious that your literacy skills are to be questioned as you couldn’t read, comprehend, and appropriately respond but instead thought I was complimenting you.


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