Image result for Images to depict the virtue of Forgiveness..

“To forgive is Divine” the words of wisdom go in the world
None is infallible in the society- to accept bold
‘Forget and forgive’ may be too much-one has to forgive pure
One need not forget so that he will not do that wrong quite sure!

A global day to forgive and be forgiven is today
Here is a chance to get things right and noble – sure a great day
Let us all be earnest to put aside old differences
Start a fresh and new life moving beyond hurts and grievances!

God, the Almighty, in HIS compassion ocean like measure
Allowed me to lead a new life forgiving my sins- pleasure
I have to extend the same to all those who did wrong to me
That is the fitting gratitude I show to the Almighty!


Image result for Images to depict the virtue of Forgiveness..


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N V Subbaraman.

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