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Scene: 18.

Location: Public Garden

Dramatist personae: Nandha, Atul, and other friends under the banner of INSPIRING INDIA MOVEMENT


Nandha: Welcome  Atul and great friends. Hearty welcome to you. There are several people and organizations who are thinking in the same way as we have been in several parts of this noble country on the decline.

Atul has collected a list of such individuals and organizations. We have an action plan for achieving our objectives. We shall discuss this now and send out our communications. You and I know that for such things, people’s response will be tardy. Yet as patriotic and nationalist citizens we are, we cannot afford to get dispirited or disgusted.

We shall make honest efforts invoking the grace of God and Mother India.


{Atul reads out the names of the organizations and the individuals in various parts of the nation and the communication drafted for them.)

We suggest the following plan of action:

  1. The Institutions in which the students’ overenthusiastic participation playing into the hands of the politicians and political philosophy are to be sufficiently made aware of the dangers- through direct communications to the students, through the heads of the Institutions, appeal to the political parties and politicians to desist from political exploitation of the student community, appealing to the parents to have a watch and control over their wards.
  2. We have to start INSPIRING INDIA MOVEMENT to different parts of the country, for which we have collected the list of possible persons, organizations to spread our message.
  3. Bring out millions of copies of our clear goal and objective in all Indian languages and distribute through our affiliated units all over.


  1. Mobilizing non-student youth of the country through Social Service Organizations to involve in these activities.


  1. Parents of the young wards in the schools and colleges are to be seriously apprised of the situation and make them to have a watch on their wards.


Thus this is the FIVE POINT program of action of our Movement.


(Gathering in a chorus clap their hands in approval of the suggestions of Nandha-Atul combine.)

Nandha: We have drawn out a list of various organizations all over the country and we are glad to share the same with you.

(He hands over a printed list to all those who are present)


(Committees are formed with three members each to take up in right earnest for sending the circular letters, brochures etc.

Nandha: Kindly organize your work in these lines and we shall meet again at the same time in this location itself next week. Good bye and good luck.


Scene No. 19.

Location: A public garden in Shyam’s town.

Dramatic personae: Shyam, Ram, Gokul,  Raghu and a good number of their friends.


Shyam: Good evening friends. Hearty welcome to you all. Today I have an important matter for discussion.


All boys: Good evening, sir.

In fact we are also anxious to share with you some unpleasant developments taking shape in the society and naturally we are disturbed by it.


Shyam: Yes; I am able to see some anxious faces in you. Can it be saddening news of a section of students in Jammu and Kashmir celebrating the defeat of Indian Cricket team recently and a set of students opposing their action?


Raghu: Exactly you are right, sir.


Shyam: A section of students- why even among elders a section always behave erratically and instead of condemning them as anti-national etc. we have to bring them round to the realities and convert them to our side of patriotism and nationalism as the Nati0on knows for decades and not neo- nationalism adopted by the so called right wingers.


In fact I have some communication from a group called INSPIRING INDIA MOVEMENT who is very much exercised over the unfortunate developments in the country in the name of FREEDOM spoiling the peaceful and harmonious atmosphere everywhere. Here is a letter I have received and the brochures connected with the Movement.


(They are distributed to all those who are assembled and they all read it with great enthusiasm)

The youth assembled in chorus:

Great, sir. Kindly guide us to proceed on these lines. We shall talk to our parents and friends to join us.

Shyam: That is the type of response, I expect from the youngsters like you. I definitely see something bright.

As done elsewhere, this is a great work and involving all is very, very important, we shall form several groups to attend meticulously to every aspect. We shall take up this great responsibility invoking the blessings of the Almighty.

Others in chorus: That is the right step, sir. Kindly proceed to guide and help.

Shyam: This is a gigantic job. A service of this size cannot be done by a few and it requires an army of dedicated workers like you. Please go to your friends, relatives and the general public and explain our objectives with the help of these brochures and solicit their voluntary help to our movement.

Participants in a chorus: We will di it, sir.

Shyam: That is nice. We hall again meet next Sunday in this place along with as many volunteers as possible you can mobilize.

All: We shall meet, sir.



Scene: 20. Location: Public garden.

Dramatist personae: Nandha and his team under the banner of INSPIRING INDIA MOVEMENT.

In addition two new college studying boys Vinay and Vijay.

Nandha: Hearty welcome to all of you. I have a lot of things –good and encouraging matters- to be shared with all.

For the letters we have sent to different parts of the country, responses are indeed overwhelming.

Mr. Atul will give you more details about the same.

Atul: Thank you Nandhaji. From several parts of India –East-West, North and South we have received encouraging responses. All appear to be conscious of the deteriorating situation in the matter of FREEDOM in India and they are quite anxious to arrest this trend in the interest of democracy of our nation in the future.

While the message of our Movement is spreading fast and wide thorough out the breadth and length of India, we the like minded people must meet, as the next step, in the central part of India, where all can meet in a conference and carry the actions further.


Vinay: That is indeed great, sir. I am Vinay, final year student of Marks College and here is my friend Vijay.

What will be the theme of the conference, sir?

Atul: Welcome my young boys, Vinay and Vijay. You know about the objectives of our Movement “INSPIRING INDIA MOVEMENT” just taking off the ground.


Vijay: Yes, sir. We have heard about it. Though we are only studying, we do take academic interest in what is happening around us. In that way we are worried about the happenings in the country-giving new definition of nationalism, patriotism etc by different groups owing allegiance to different political, parties.


Vinay: When we heard about you and your anxieties and organization, we thought of hearing from you and following you. What is the theme of the Conference you are preparing to convene?

Prakash Nandha:  The theme is simple but meaningful “FREEDOM WHAT, WHERE AND HOW?”

Vinay, Vijay and others: That is very good and reflects the anxiety of the well meaning, patriotic and national minded people.


Atul: Now it is for us to take the movement forward. We have formed an organizing committee for the proposed Conference and they are working out the details.

We shall shortly meet again and share with you details. In the meantime, please talk to your friends and others who are interested in this noble service to the nation and bring them here for the next meeting in this same venue.


All in chorus: Sure, sir. Thank you.



Scene 21:

Location: Public garden.

Dramatic personae: Shyam, Ram, Gokul, Raju, Raghu and a host of new friends.

{In the back drop of a banner “INSPIRING INDIA MOVEMENT”)

Shyam: Welcome to everyone. Yes, this is the banner under which we are going to function.

Gokul: Thanks sir, you were referring to a Movement.

Shyam: Yes I have quite a few matters to be reported.

Others in a chorus: We are eager to hear from you.

Shyam: Yes; we have already discussed the situation in the country on freedom, deteriorating values in our society, urgent need to mobilize the public opinion in arresting the trend and take the country towards real progress as we were doing in the early stages of free India.


Ram: We the youth of the country are indeed sore about the wrong goings in the country. We do want the people are awakened in the lines you are talking.


Shyam: Here is a Movement called “INSPIRING INDIA MOVEMENT”. One of my friends is an active member of this Movement just taking off and he has requested us to mobilize the public opinion in favor of this Movement and all over the country is to give support for the cause. They have sent circulars and Brochures for this purpose. Let us in an organized way, distribute these to the people in our town and make the people aware of the formation of this Movement. Let us bring in an awakening in our area.

They also propose to meet the like minded people in a conference and let us also ensure a decent attendance from our area.

Gokul: What about the theme of the Conference, sir?

Shyam: It is absolutely relevant for the day and what we have been talking about these days is going to be the theme and it is



All others in Chorus: Very great, sir. We shall do what can we at our level do to find success in the matter.


Shyam: Thank you. Now you all read these papers seriously and we shall chart our course of action.

( For a few minutes all the young, read cheerfully and get them ready for further action)

Raghu: It all looks quite fantastic and unless we take concrete action, words by themselves may not bring in desired results.

Shyam: Yes rightly said Ramu. In a week’s time we shall spread this awareness among all in our area. Find out how the people react and respond. We shall again meet here in a week’s time.


All in a chorus: Sure, sir.


Shyam: All the best in your efforts.



Scene:22. Location: Public garden under the banner of INDIA INSPIRES MOVEMENT.

Dramatic personae: Nandha, Atul and a host of friends and volunteers of the Movement.


Atul: Nandhaji and friends! Good evening. I am happy to inform you that for our Movement unprecedented support is flowing from different parts of the country. And at this rate our proposed conference with the theme FREEDOM-WHAT, WHERE AND HOW is bound tp awaken the people all over to think, act and achieve REAL FREEDOM in its pure intent and meaning as envisaged by the founding fathers of this Nation-India that is Bharath.  No pseudo nationalism or parochial patriotism. We shall clearly bring out the significance of unadulterated Nationalism, patriotism and freedom as enshrined in our sacred Constitution as adopted and given to ourselves.

Nandha: Rightly said Atulji. Now it is to go ahead with the Conference arrangements.

Atul: Here is the blue print giving all details exhaustively. Let me circulate the same to all those who are present here and we shall clarify whatever required and proceed with the arrangements.

(All read the same within themselves and wholeheartedly accept and approve)

Vinay: Great, sirs. We, youth brigade of the Movement are here. Kindly allot the work to each and every one of us and take it that it is done, sir.


Nandha: If only the youth of this country constructively involve in such activities without influenced by the right and left of the political spectrum, this Movement is bound to achieve its noble objectives.


Youth in a chorus: Sure sir, we shall follow your directions.


Nandha: Thanks.  Mobilize the people who are genuinely interested in this Movement who can afford to attend the Conference. Make out a list after meeting the people in hundreds and get their consent and approval of our action plan. We shall meet again next week in this same venue.


Others: Thanks, sir. We shall come back as per your plan.


Scene: 23.

Location: Public garden with the banner of Inspiring India Movement

Dramatic personae: Shyam, Ram, Gokul, their friends in good number.


Shyam: I am pleases to see so many of you today here!


Ram: Yes, sir. You have been kind enough to entrust some national work to us and it is our duty to execute.

Gokul:    As you told we wanted to bring in an awareness of what is going wrong in the society in the matter of FREEDOM and we in our spare time each day were meeting our friends and relatives individually and in group. Convinced about our cause all have volunteered to strengthen our Movement and we told about this Meeting, they have all come.

Shyam: That is great and nice. Welcome to all of you. I am sure you would have all gone through the leaflets and brochures we have given and are convinced that this is the time to take care of the Nation- its values- democracy, freedom rights and responsibilities as enshrined in the words of our founding fathers without getting into any political turmoil- right or left and right and left. We are not politicians; we are the people really nationalistic and patriotic in our thoughts, words and deeds. We feel it is our utmost duty to ensure the nation is moving in the right direction as envisaged at the time of our independence. We are aware that in the evolution that is nature of the society, changes are bound to be there and yet we cannot afford to lose our basic principles and philosophy, national ethos and morals. We have to resist intellectually all efforts to destroy our culture and values.

All in a chorus: Yes, sir; yes, sir. We shall stand with this Movement and work for the betterment of our Nation.


Shyam: Thanks. I am indeed amazed at your brimming enthusiasm; I really see a silver lining in the otherwise dark ky of the present situation in the society.

As many of us as possible we are attending the Conference about which I have already explained. Ready yourself with your ideas and we shall go as a big group representing our area, contribute our ideas in the Conference, and listen carefully to whatever the organizers are giving. We shall be quite vocal to make our ideas clear and we shall on return faithfully follow to make this great movement successful.

Along with our routine work, we should be constantly thinking of this Movement and in a focused manner we shall act unitedly. Thank you; all the best!

All in chorus: Thank you, sir.


Scene: 24. Location: Conference venue.

Dramatic personae: Prakash Nandha, Atul Bannerjee, Shyam and hundreds of volunteers and participants in thousands from different parts of the country.

Conference starts with prayer:

(Bankim Chandra Banergi’s “VANDHE MATARAM” “Sujalam, suphalam” in Bengali translated into Tamil by Bharathiyar and now in English)





  1. Rich with lovely streams and luscious fruitage

Cool with the soft, peerless winds of the south,

And green with the crops of fields, are you, Mother.

  1. Your nights are argent with moon-rayed brightness;

You are thick with trees in efflorescence;

Bright is your smile and your speech nectarine;

You are free with your many boons of bliss.

  1. Your glory is sounded by thirty crore

Of throats, sixty crore of puissant shoulders

Are armed for you; who can ever call you weak?

Rare is your might; grace you grant us; praise be!

You rout and quell the armies of your foes.

  1. You are knowledge; you are dharma indeed;

You are our heart; you are our very soul;

You are also life in our body.

  1. You are the strength of our shoulder, Mother!

You are the Heart- the abode of Bhakthi!

In every temple is only installed

Your glorious form, ornate and divine.

  1. You are Uma with ten dread weapons!

You are lakshmi throned on lotus-petals!

You are Vani grantor of all lore!

  1. You are of endless wealth, pure and peerless;

You are rich with streams and luscious fruitage,

Blue-hued are you; candor is your nature;

Bright is your smile; your jewels – a glory;

Pray protect us, peerless Mother! Praise be!


(Prakash Nandha presents a Welcome address, Atul Banergee presents the purpose and objectives of the conference- Lot of deliberations take place on the theme of the Conference viz. FREEDOM-WHAT, WHERE and HOW.  Finally the  Resolutions on the following aspects were  passed.)


(1)The freedom of speech and expression has no geographical limitation and it carries with it the right of a citizen to gather information and to exchange thought with others not only in India but abroad also.


“Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression, this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.”

“ Freedom of speech and of the press lay at the foundation of all democratic organisations, for without free political discussion no public education, so essential for the proper functioning of the process of popular government, is possible.”

“Onesided information, disinformation, misinformation and non-information, all equally create an uninformed citizenry which makes democracy a farce. Freedom of speech and expression includes right to impart and receive information which includes freedom to hold opinions”.

The press plays a very significant role in the democratic machinery. The courts have upheld the freedom of press and invalidated all laws and administrative actions that abridge that freedom. Freedom of press has three essential elements. They are:1. freedom of access to all sources of information,


  1. freedom of publication, and 3. freedom of circulation



Every Indian irrespective of his religion, region, education, language, profession etc. has (a) Right to equality: Which includes equality before law, prohibition of discrimination on grounds of religion, race, caste, gender or place of birth, and equality of opportunity in matters of employment, abolition of untouchability and abolition of titles.

(b) Right to food`; every citizen has right to food, which include right to non-veg food as well

(c) Right to freedom: Which includes freedom of speech and expression, assembly, association or union or cooperatives, movement, residence, and right to practice any profession or occupation (some of these rights are subject to security of the State, friendly relations with foreign countries, public order, decency or morality), right to life and liberty, protection in respect to conviction in offences and protection against arrest and detention in certain cases.

(d) Right against exploitation: Which prohibits all forms of forced labour, child labour and traffic of human beings

(e) Right to freedom of religion: Which includes freedom of conscience and free profession, practice, and propagation of religion, freedom to manage religious affairs, freedom from certain taxes and freedom from religious instructions in certain educational institutes.

Cultural and Educational rights: Preserve the right of any section of citizens to conserve their culture, language or script, and right of minorities to establish and administer educational institutions of their choice.

(f) Right to constitutional remedies: Which is present for enforcement of Fundamental Rights.

(g) Right to life: Which gives the right to live with human dignity. This includes rights such as right to clean environment, water, education, health, livelihood, shelter and basic amenities that the state shall provide.

(h) Right to education:


Meticulous adherence to these, is sure to get us real FREEDOM from WANTS, IGNORENCE, ILLITERACY, POVERTY, CORRUPTION, EVIL THOUGHTS, WORDS AND DEEDS.

Yes; FREEDOM  is  in the hands of honest politicians, members of this great society, and the great people of India!

Nationalistic and patriotic citizens have to be ever vigilant to ensure no authority in India can tinker with these rights- abuse, misuse or disuse.

All the participants take a solemn oath to uphold the dignity of the Constitution and our Motherland.


National Anthem is played.

Jana-Gana-Mana-Adhinayaka, Jaya He





Ucchhala-Jaladhi Taranga

Tava Subha Name Jage

Tava Subha Ashisha Mage

Gahe Tava Jaya Gatha.

Jana-Gana-Mangala Dayaka, Jaya He


Jaya He, Jaya He, Jaya He,

Jaya Jaya Jaya, Jaya He

A distance voice is heard:

Oh, great sons and daughters of India,

I have been observing all your thoughts, words and deeds of “INSPIRING INDIA MOVEMENT”. While wishing you all success, be cautioned that,  that it is not a day’s job; it is probably eternal Let each one of you who are leaving this Conference work with the spirit exhibited by our great freedom fighters and you are bound to succeed tomorrow if not today!




I do hope my esteemed viewers would have enjoyed the spirit and substance of the play. Now that it has come to an END, kindly let me have your feedback.


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