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Image result for Images to depict equality of women.

God has created all the human beings with equality
Great Thiruvalluvar declared ‘at birth all are equal’
How does the difference arise that brings inequality
A puzzle not difficult to solve-absolutely practical!

Ego, selfishness, arrogance and such other negatives
Unhappy author of the need to talk of equality
Worse indeed is the treatment given to respected women
That makes declaring a day as WOMEN’S EQUALITY DAY!

Man is in woman- unfortunate that he treats her unequal
A home without a woman is akin to a forest sans trees!
India treats women as God incarnation- for wealth, wisdom
And valor- woman embodiment of love and affection!

Bharathi sang in praise of women- her glories well established
Vedas and Upanishads spoke in great praise of womanhood
Religions all have respect and regard for women all over
Let us treat them at par in all respects-the Society to prosper!

Image result for Images to Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswathi

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